1st Bordon (Garrison) Scouts




Unfortunately, due to a lack of qualified and experienced leaders, the difficult decision has been made to close down 1st Bordon Garrison Scouts and Cubs. The meetings this week (Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th February) will be the last meetings of the group.


If you are looking for another Scout group in the area, the local groups are all run by the Rotherfield District and their website can be found herehttp://www.rotherfieldistrict.co.uk/ or alternatively you can contact the county group here http://www.hampshirescouting.org.uk/


I am sorry it has come to this and I have personally had great fun running the Cubs section of 1st Bordon Scouts, but without other uniformed leaders supporting it has become impossible to continue.




A letter from our Group Secretary to the parents can be found here